A Must to Intelligent Street Lighting Solution

smarti® street light controller is a device that allows users to control street lights and at the same time recieve valuable feedback. Single light controller is attached to the street light and connected to smarti® gateway via RF signal. Each gateway can support up to 250 controllers and is linked to smarti® cloud via GPRS, LAN or WiFi connection. Controllers use 2.4GHz wireless communication of the EEE.802.15.4 standards to communicate between each other, which is a must to successful intelligent lighting solution.

smarti Street Light Controller


With its innovative spin to fit technology it enables tool free installation as well as reduces maintenance time and costs. In case of any equipment being damaged our controller will function exactly the same.

Light Dimming

It provides light dimming from any computer or smart device making it a very practical and useful part of our intelligent solution.


Scheduling option basically means that your energy savings will be even greater, the service life of the street lights will extend and maintenance costs will significantly reduce.

Safety is Our Priority

We have embedded 128bit encrypted communication data with a clear purpose of bringing you the next generation safety. With our solution you do not have to worry about a single illegal breach that may cause any inconvenience.

smarti Street Light Controller on H4 LED Street Light


Lamp-mounted: 100mm (height) × 85mm (diameter)

Communication mode: 2.4GHz wireless
Transmitter power: 9.5 dBm/22 dBm
Receiving Sensitivity: transmitter power: <9.5dBm; 96dBm/transmitter Power: <22dBm; -100dBm
Power parameters: 85 ∼ 305VAC; 50/60Hz
Load capacity: 3A (max.)
Dimming signal: 0-10VDC or PWM
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
Protection rating: IP65
Standby power consumption: <2W (under the 220VAC power supply condition)