A Powerful Tool

Professional and Well Connected

Allowing simple and intuitive use.

Lower Energy Consumption

Savings will increase.

Lower Maintenance and Operating Costs

Yes, our solution is that good.

Longer Service Life

Light's service life will drastically prolong.

Targeted Dimming

Powerful and energy saving feature.

ECO Friendly

Harmless to the environment.

Energy Savings Will Surprise You

With our intelligent solution we are providing lower energy consumption, better maintenance efficiency and therefore reducing the ongoing operating costs without compromising on comfort and security. We have accomplished that by targeted dimming of individual or groups of street lights and at the same time manage to extend the service life of lights. With our system you do not just save money, but also contribute by reducing light pollution.

Key features

Using smarti® intelligent solution, lights can seamlessly adapt to weather, time and motion, providing a truly innovative integration in any possible environment. When road users are moving along the road, lights offer perfect illumination that provides full visibility and therefore reduces risk of accidents and increases safety. With advanced smarti® motion sensors opted, the illumination level can decrease or stop automatically when traffic and pedestrians have passed, providing safe driving and walking environment.

Key Features - smarti Intelligent Street Lighting Solution

System Architecture

Entire system is controlled via the smarti® cloud, being accessible from any computer or smart device. Cloud is hosted on smarti® servers, providing state of the art protection and data safety along with professional and intuitive web based solution using 128-bit encrypted communication data. Unlimited amount of smarti® gateways can be connected to smarti® cloud using GPRS, LAN or WiFi connectivity. One gateway can control up to 250 smarti® street light controllers via RF signal. smarti® street light controller is connected to individual street light and therefore allowing the solution to function perfectly. The communication between street lights is simple due to our controllers enabling lights to automatically pass route commands and information via the mesh network to the certain destination. It suits road retro-construction or new road design and meets IEEE 802.15.4 standard. System allows users to easily control individual or groups of street lights and at the same time receive valuable feedback.

System Architecture - smarti Intelligent Street Lighting Solution

We Adapt We Invent

We can also provide cameras, weather stations, sensors, etc. that can be integrated in our intelligent solution.