One Family Infinite Possibilities

smarti® H4 premium LED family of street lights offers sleek and stylish look. All of its models feature modern and contemporary design with a solid aluminum built and can seamlessly integrate in any environment. Every single light is built from ECO friendly but at the same time ridged materials and provides the best quality combined with extreme energy efficiency.

smarti H4 LED Family Street Light


Our lights also feature a tilt option, making them easy to adjust in every possible scenario and perfectly adapt to the surroundings. With that solution we wanted to achieve the best possible road illumination as well as reduce costs and time of the installation.

Adaptable - smarti H4 LED Family

Smaller Design for Lower Wattage Luminaires

For H4 premium LED family street lights featuring wattages up to 70W we have created smaller and sleeker frame designs. With that we can also provide different power options, depending on our costumers’ locational requirements. Our lower wattage lights are delivering the smallest in class structure as well as quality and state of the art efficiency.

smarti H4 LED Family Street Light (to) 70W
smarti H4 LED Family Street Light (to) 70W side view
Tool Free Maintenance - smarti H4 LED Family

Tool Free Maintenance

Using our innovative clipping technology any maintenance work required, will result in a simple and quick experience, with the lowest price tag imaginable.

Heat Distribution

Incorporated in the hollowing out shape design there is a ceramic radiator body with a chip attached to the ceramic surface with a clear goal of reducing heat conduction procedures. Cellular heat sink structure then further guarantees a prolonged life time by eliminating thermal conductivity effects, making our lights primarily reliable and dependable.

Heat Distribution - smarti H4 LED Family


We are committed to simplicity, that is why we chose to take our H4 premium LED family of street lights to a highly modular level. And yes, maintenance costs will absolutely decrease.

Modular - smarti H4 LED Family

From Highway to a City Park

smarti® H4 premium family offers LED street lights suitable for literally everywhere. Our lights will incorporate in any given environment, weather is it an urban street or the busiest highway. With different power options we definitely have to offer everything you will ever need regarding LED street lighting. Depending on our costumers requirements we can manufacture luminaires with different characteristics and specifications usable in every possible scenario. Normally we manufacture luminaires in the range from 20W up to 320W.

smarti H4 LED Street Light to 70W
smarti H4 LED Street Light 80W
smarti H4 LED Street Light 120W
smarti H4 LED Street Light 160W
smarti H4 LED Street Light 200W
Engineered to Perfection - smarti H4 LED Family

Engineered to Perfection

We have created a perfect LED street light that is definitely build to last.