Luminaires Fit For Every Tunnel

smarti® H4 LED family of tunnel lights presents state of the art lighting solution for any given tunnel. The family is based on the latest technological innovations, delivering better performance and lower electricity consumption. It provides high brightness and ideal road visibility as well as professional lens design with best in class efficiency. All luminaires are moisture and water proof, while at the same time offering easy installation and low cost maintenance. Every single light is built from high quality aluminum, offering modern contemporary design. Unique modular structure allows for best in class heat dissipation and therefore longer service life of the luminaires.

smarti H4 LED Family Tunnel Light
smarti H4 LED Family Tunnel Light Top View

Innovative Engineering

LED luminaires offer the highest level of built quality and engineering strategies. Every single luminaire is simple and cost efficient to maintain due to smarti®’s clever modular approach. LED modules offer exeptional illumination performance and best in class energy efficiency. Each individual LED unit contains ceramic base which allows for luminaire to stay at an optimal operating temperature. Durable aluminum frame is designed to even further provide excellent heat conduction and dissipation. Our luminaires also feature multiple lens optics providing evenly distributed illumination for different road layouts.

smarti H4 LED Family Tunnel Light 1
smarti H4 LED Family Tunnel Light 3

Heat Distribution

Incorporated in the hollowing out shape design there is a ceramic radiator body with a chip attached to the ceramic surface with a clear goal of reducing heat conduction procedures. Cellular heat sink structure then further guarantees a prolonged life time by eliminating thermal conductivity effects, making our lights primarily reliable and dependable.

Heat Distribution - smarti H4 LED Family