Best In Class Solution

smarti® H4 LED high bay bulb light is based on the latest technological innovations. It provides practical and easy hollow-carved design, combining lines and arcs perfectly. It has a high luminous efficiency and soft light thanks to the advanded chip. It is perfect for warehouses, supermarkets, logistic centers, public stations, stadiums etc. Our LED high bay bulb luminaires offer also offer a perfect solution for retrofit applications. We can replace your old bulb lights with our modern, energy efficient and long lasting LED bulbs.

Efficient and powerful package

Lights bulbs are designed so that LED chips are directly welded to the heat sink which systematically reduces thermal resistance. Overall plastic lamp body provides class leading lightness and safety. Our lights also feature fully permeable light body for maximum cooling efects. smarti® H4 LED high bay bulb lights also deliver high luminous efficiency and light distribution directly through lenses so there is no need for hood matching lights. They have built-in high efficiency switching power supply with constant current and dot matrix heat dissipation system, effectively avoiding heat island effect.

Heat Distribution

Incorporated in the hollowing out shape design there is a ceramic radiator body with a chip attached to the ceramic surface with a clear goal of reducing heat conduction procedures. Cellular heat sink structure then further guarantees a prolonged life time by eliminating thermal conductivity effects, making our lights primarily reliable and dependable.

Heat Distribution - smarti H4 LED Family