Illuminating Large Outdoor Areas

smarti® H4 LED family of flood lights is ideal for illumination of large outdoor areas. Luminaires effectively reduce construction costs and provide class leading energy efficiency. Our LED flood lights have excellent lighting effect, concentrated light source, evenly distributed brightness, no glaring etc. With the latest technology and modular design luminaires guarantee easy operation, simple control and low cost maintenance. They are ideal for city squares, industrial facilities, sports complexes, illumination of billboards, etc. We can also optimize lights with any means of automation required to allow integration in any needed environment.

smarti H4 LED Family Flood Light
smarti H4 LED Flood Light Front

Key Features

Multiple types of optical lenses are adopted to improve brightness distribution and offer different lighting solutions in different lighting environments. Luminaires feature self-convection, honeycomb, proximal radiating structure that ensures the fastest heat transfer as well as ensures longer service life. Hollow structure also reduces wind resistance to the fixture and allows safe and reliable operation. We can manufacture different power options and provide the required specifications for any project desirable.

Heat Distribution

Incorporated in the hollowing out shape design there is a ceramic radiator body with a chip attached to the ceramic surface with a clear goal of reducing heat conduction procedures. Cellular heat sink structure then further guarantees a prolonged life time by eliminating thermal conductivity effects, making our lights primarily reliable and dependable.

Heat Distribution - smarti H4 LED Family