Connectivity That Matters

smarti® gateway is a device that connects smarti® cloud hosted on smarti® servers via GPRS, LAN or WiFi to individual smarti® street light controllers. Each gateway can support up to 250 street light controllers connected via RF signal. It allows users complete control over lights via the smarti® cloud and therefore presents an innovative and effortless solution as well as an indispensable part of the puzzle of intelligent street lighting solution.

smarti Gateway


2.4GHz wireless 128bit encrypted communication of the EEE.802.15.4 standard to communicate with smarti® street light controllers suitable for almost every lighting setup.


Wireless via smart device or computer. Damage of an individual light does not affect the entire smarti® solution.

The Built

Featuring a solid and ridged construction with a built in LCD display makes it easy to integrate into any given environment. Whit its built-in RTC battery it can also support time records after 36 months of being shut down.

Ring Control

It takes over the function of the outdated ring control through the detection of brightness so the lights can adapt and turn on/off automatically.


If required we can produce gateway with different characteristics, usable for the required environment.

Wall-mounted: 290mm × 180mm × 95mm

Three-phase four-wire power connector interface
Three-phase four-wire loop voltage and current sampling
Relay output loop
4-20mA sensor interface
RS485 bus interface
Ethernet (10M/100Mbps adaptive, RJ45 interface)
Cellular communication

Wireless antenna connector

Temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C
Humidity: 10% – 85%
Input voltage range: 100 ~ 460VAC or 140 ~ 650VDC
Frequency range: 47Hz ~ 440Hz
Maximum wattage: 20W
Withstands fire, UV light, shocks, resistant to dust and moisture with IP51 grade protection