Luminaires Fit For Every Tunnel

smarti H4 LED family of tunnel lights features professional lens design to provide the best in class efficiency. Every single light is built from high quality non-corrosive material and delivers great design to be in integrated in any given tunnel environment. UL standard connections are used making our luminaires also fully waterproof.

smarti H4 LED Family Tunnel Light

Innovative Engineering

Luminaires feature smart modular design that provides perfect built quality and prolonged life cycles. Innovative cooling features will ensure uninterrupted operation as well as reduce maintenance costs. Enclosed but ventilation back design can not only keep the heat dissipation but also avoid laceration. Gaps between the modules will increase the thermal dissipation rate and solve the problem of dust deposition. We can manufacture different power options and provide the required specifications for any tunnel project desirable.

smarti H4 LED Tunnel Light 1 Module
smarti H4 LED Tunnel Light 2 Modules
smarti H4 LED Tunnel Light 3 Modules
smarti H4 LED Tunnel Light 5 Modules