LED High Bay Lights Reimagined

smarti H4 LED family of high bay lights is based on the latest technological innovations. The light is characterized by directional luminescence, low power consumption, excellent driving performance, quick response, long service life and effective environmental protection. Our luminaires are ideal for all types of factories, warehouses, gas stations, corporate buildings, mining applications etc. We can also provide any means of automation regarding lighting application.

smarti H4 LED Family High Bay Light

Key Features

Luminaires are designed with modular structure. Quantity of modules is adjustable to achieve the perfect illumination for required environment. Every light provides easy access enabling simple and low maintenance expenses. Highly effective LED chip delivers remarkable energy conservation and drastically increases luminaires service life. The lights also feature multiple installation methods, which makes them applicable in many different environments. We can manufacture different power options and provide the required specifications for any project desirable.

smarti H4 LED High Bay Light Views

Heat Distribution

Incorporated in the hollowing out shape design there is a ceramic radiator body with a chip attached to the ceramic surface with a clear goal of reducing heat conduction procedures. Cellular heat sink structure then further guarantees a prolonged life time by eliminating thermal conductivity effects, making our lights primarily reliable and dependable.

Heat Distribution - smarti H4 LED Family